Dedicated to all of you sisters with gifts that you are unlocking, uncovering, and sharing.

Dedicated to all of you sisters who are coming out of the shadows and being the light for the world in this time.
Dedicated to all of you sisters who are owning your badass witchiness instead of toning yourselves down to appease others.

The thought of showing this very real part of myself to the world scared the fuck out of me.
I used to be so afraid to come out and speak openly about my soul gifts, about the job I was put here to do in this lifetime.
I used to worry so much “but what would people think?” Knowing full well that most of the people that knew me intimately probably assumed I’d totally lost the plot or was having a mental breakdown.
Exacerbated by the looks of concern on the faces of those close to me when I’d emerge from a room after a healing process… confusion, worry, “should we call the mental institution now, orrrrrr…”
Feeling so embarrassed about how I looked during a process, having to apologise or excuse myself on lives or during healings, because I was worried I’d scare people off.

Wondering how the hell I’d ever explain to a future partner how I lived my life, how I have this responsibility to process some really heavy energies… that occasionally I’d have to lock myself in a room from time to time, scream and yell and sweat and burp and make weird AF noises … but that actually I’m totally fine, this is normal for me and it’s all gravy baby…
Wondering if I’d ever have a “normal” life.

I’d let ‘who the fuck does she think she is’ constantly permeate my brain…
The politics involved in who can or can’t call themselves a ‘shaman’…
Feeling like because I haven’t trained for 15 years under a mentor, or I didn’t do a course, I wasn’t worthy or ready to share my gifts…
That the downloads and intuitive insights I got weren't accurate, I was just making it all up in my head...
The getting tied up and caught up in labels - the expression of WTF it is that I actually do…

The more I step up and own who I am, the more I step into this role, the less I care… and funnily enough, the more I attract people in my life who are cool with it.
The less I try to quantify, understand, control, explain or resist this process… the stronger and more profound the experiences are.
The more magical my life becomes.

When you actually strip all of the judgement away, the human conditioning and thinking, you stop worrying about what other people will think…what’s left?
It’s just this deep knowing:
It just is what it is.
I just am who I am.
I know who I am and what I am here to do.
And that everything is perfect - without labels, judgements, should or should not’s.

Written by 

Bec Mylonas

Guiding women through shanti activation, spiritual awakening and reclamation of soul-self

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  • Hi can you please give me we advise on how you got through that process because I’m really struggling right now I I’m a stay at home mum . I was so concentrated on trying to make someone be in love and happy with me . And I lost touch with the world with family friends I actually don’t know how to hold a proper conversation with someone with out getting nervous or shy and it’s really holding me back . But I noticed when I do self-love to make myself feel better I’m talkative . Do you have any tips ?

    Reneka Natasha Bristowe

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