Withlove Gemstone Necklaces

A selection of hand crafted earth treasures on a braided wax cord made with good intention and love. Each necklace is unique and one of a kind, new necklaces are added to the collection frequently.

Crystal necklaces are among the most beautiful and ageless pieces of jewelry. Not only do they look good but they make you feel great, they possess amazing healing properties. From spiritual to physical, emotional and mental healing. When Choosing your necklace take the time to sit with the energy. Whatever stone you decide to wear, choose it with intention. Think about what sort of benefits you are seeking..let your necklace raise your energetic vibration with love and care. 

'Jewellery is the most transformative thing you can wear'
 ▪︎Custom orders welcome 
If theres a certain crystal you are seeking, if you have a special stone and would like to be able to wear it or if you have a rope that needs mending please don't hesitate to contact me
     Ametrine               Blue Agate Slice
Blue Lace Agate
Rose Quartz 

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