The Elements Of Magic 'Tea Light' Gift Set

The Elements Of Magic 'Tea Light' Gift Set

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Air moves us, fire transforms us, earth heals us, water calms us. spirit the realm of all.

This gift set includes 12 x 9hr eco friendly  tealight cups each representing the 5 elements 1x candle of protection and 1x cleansing candle 

Hand Poured withlove

2x Air with Frank & Myrrh & Lavender 

2x Fire with Dragons Blood & Cinnamon 

2x Earth with Nag Champa & Sage 

2x Water with Lotus Flower & Rose

2x Spirit with Sandalwood & Geranium 

1x Candle of Protection with Frank & Myrrh 

1x Cleansing Candle with Palo Santo 

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