Withlove Creations 'I Am' Affirmation Cards
Withlove Creations 'I Am' Affirmation Cards

Withlove Creations 'I Am' Affirmation Cards

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I absolutely loved creating these cards for you! The energy is absolutely out of this world and full of positive, powerful 'I Am' affirmations to keep you assured along your own journey of self discovery, healing and manifesting your own unique souls desires.

'I Am' is one of the most powerful statements we can make, the two most powerful words we can say to ourselves.

The most important thing is what words follow! We can be our own worst critics, more times than not we are using 'I Am' against ourselves. Its time to dig deep and let go of all the negative words and ways you use to describe yourself. You are who you create yourself to be.

As Joel Osteen said, “What follows the “I am” will always come looking for you… .

The power of 'I Am' is in the present moment, its all about drenching ourselves in the feeling of what comes after.. I Am Happy, feel it, smell it, taste it and sit with it. Go back to that time when you truly were happy and felt happiness let it in, embrace it, draw it into your being the more we do this the more we are creating it. If you are reaching for something you have never felt or experienced before then imagine it, use as much detail as possible.

These cards can be used in anyway you wish to. After setting your intention you can draw multiple cards or a card a day you can choose a 'I am' affirmation you feel you need to focus more on or you are drawn to.. Carry it with you, place it somewhere around your house in sight or use it as a book mark. There is no right or wrong way only good intention and transformation.

  • 42 cards / 'I Am' Affirmations
  • 85x122mm
  • Satin Bag Set 
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