8 Point Framed Crystal Grid    

8 Point Framed Crystal Grid    

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8 Point Framed Crystal Grid    


8️⃣ is known as the number of balance, harmony, wholeness and infinity

4️⃣ is known as the number of stability, grounding, strength, calmness

Master Stone- 

Amethyst: Signifying protection, cleansing and intuition. Helping with clearing negativity and confusion.

  • Affirmation " I let go of attachments and rest in the truth" 

Inner circle-

8️⃣ Chevron Amethyst: is a powerhouse partnership combining the clearing and balancing properties of clear quartz with the soothing strengthening aspects of amethyst. Chevron amethyst promotes growth, awareness and ensures purification, self discovery, peace of mind and relaxation.

  • Affirmation- "I am calm Peaceful & relaxed in my mind body and soul" 

Outer circles- 

8️⃣ Rose Quartz and 4️⃣ Chevron Amethyst: For what  chevron amethyst brings to the spirit rose quartz can deliver to the heart.

  • Affirmation: " I am transformed to peaceful, loving energy as my mind is calmed and soothed, my heart is whole" 

4️⃣ Fluorite and 4️⃣ Rose Quartz: A beautiful partnership of love and peace. Creating your path with clarity and focus in alignment with your hearts desire.

  • Affirmation- "My mind is clear and I am ready, I am fulfilling my hearts desire" 

Clear Quartz for clarity & amplification.

  • Affirmation-"I recieve the universes energy to flow through me.'

Created Withlove and intention ♡