8 Point Framed Crystal Grid

8 Point Framed Crystal Grid

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Eight Point Framed Crystal Grid    


8 is known as the number of balance, harmony, wholeness and infinity 

Rose Quartz Master Stone: Symbolizing the heart with its gentle pink essence, a crystal of unconditional love.
Affirmation 'when I open my heart I feel the love of the universe all around and within me. I am loved, I am love'

Inner Circle: 8 Purple & Pink Agate for strength, compassion, harmonizing and balancing energy.
Affirmation 'I embrace the sunshine as well as the rain and in this way I am in balance with all life'

Inner Circle: Amethyst & Rose Quartz for what amethyst brings to the spirit rose quartz can deliver to the heart.
Affirmation: I am a spiritual being, I am connected to the divine I radiate positive energy'

Outer Circle: Amethyst, Pink & Purple Agate to calm, soothe and support uncertainty.  To protect your open heart.
Affirmation: 'I am whole I am strong and I am safe I invite love and light into my life'

Clear quartz for clarity and amplification.