Ametrine Bracelet With Lava Stone & Essential Oil
Ametrine Bracelet With Lava Stone & Essential Oil

Ametrine Bracelet With Lava Stone & Essential Oil

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Enjoy aromatherapy on the go with soothing lava stone and your favorite gems each bracelet comes with a small bottle of essential oil of choice to diffuse your lava stone 1 or 2 drops depending on personal preference.

Lava stones are the oldest stones on earth they have fantastic balancing and grounding properties due to there strong earth connection. Wearing lava stone is known to be great to help soothe and calm emotions helping to relieve stress and anxiety.

Benefits- Healing, Balance, Calming, Grounding 

Ametrine: The balance of amethyst and citrine working together to promote harmony and restore imbalances. Drawing energy from both the moon and the sun. Ametrine blends masculine and feminine energy - the masculine energy of citrine, and the feminine energy of amethyst. 

Benefits- clarity, abundance, Energizing, serenity, creativity, stability.

Essential oil blends all with there own remarkable aromatic scents. Each designed to suit your own personal needs. Use the drop down bar to choose your essential oil, the blends include- 

  • Cleansing - A blend created to cleanse and purify the wearers aura. Clearing negative energy, Amazingly cleansing, good vibes only.
  • Calming - A beautiful blend to soothe and calm the mind, body and soul. Helping relieve stress and anxiety. Great for kids.
  • Uplifting - A energizing blend to help with motivation and uplift and improve your mood and emotions. 
  • Immunity - A traditional four thieves blend to assist with boosting Immunity known for its antiseptic, antibacterial, antiviral  and immune stimulating properties. 
  • Focus - stimulating the brain enhancing focus and determination improving mental clarity. Stay focused with this beautiful blend. 


Each bracelet is handmade on a high quality stretch cord and suitable for all wrist sizes.

 Custom orders also available on request







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