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These chakra mist sprays are created to take you on a journey of the Chakras! The chakras are vibrant, coloured energy wheels of spiritual power, located in the subtle body through which our life energy flow.

Take some time out to balance your chakras with these beautifully blended chakra mists, perfect to use with the chakra candles. Ligten and brighten your energy field. These spiritual sprays may help towards lifting your mood and providing balance when you're not feeling like the best version of yourself.  Each chakra mist has it's own blend aligned with each chakra.

Some ways to use your chakra mists - as a room cleanse, aura spray, face mist, pillow mist.

Crown-  Clear Quartz, wisdom & Spirituality 'I Am connected to all that is' with rose and Lavender 

Third eye- Amethyst, inspiration & Intuition, ' I Am connected to my higher self' with Juniper & valarian 

Throat- Sodalite, communication & Creativity ' I Am expressive, I communicate my truth' with Eucalyptus & Sage

Heart- Rose Quartz, love & compassion, 'I Am open to give and recieve love' with Jasmine & Rose 

Solar Plexus- Citrine, Energy & Purpose ' I Am motivated to pursue my true purpose' with Sandalwood & Dandelion 

Sacral- Carnelian, Emotions & Confidence ' I Am alive, connected & aware' with yang ylang & hibiscus

Root- Black Onyx, Grounding & Protection 'I Am Grounded and centered' with Vetiver & patchouli.







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