Cleanse Range

Cleanse Range

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The Cleanse range with Palo Santo & White Sage, perfect to use on the go when you want to cleanse but it maybe not the right time or place to bring out the smudging kit.. The roller bottle and spray are the perfect size to keep in your handbag and use when needed.. The perfect blend of the two essential oils cleansing your space and aura. 


  • Cleanse~ Palo santo & white sage 

Palo santo and white sage together is a beautiful mystical combination both have powerful cleansing properties. There are so many wonderful benefits.. 

~Shifts negative energy - Environment, around you, within your mind body and spirit. 

~Cleanses objects and crystals

~Uplifting mood and energy 

~Reducing stress, and anxiety

~Cleanses your space and aura 

  • Diffuser 50ml
  • Candle 100ml
  • Aura spray 100ml
  • Roller bottle 10ml

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