Gemstone Infused Essential Oil Roller Bottles
Gemstone Infused Essential Oil Roller Bottles

Gemstone Infused Essential Oil Roller Bottles

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The essential oil blend in each roller has a beautiful aroma that can help lift your mood and spirit and focus the mind. 

Essential Oil Rollers have a Gemstone roller ball and are infused with gemstone chips and there beautiful healing properties.

Each gemstone roller has a beautiful blend Love designed to create feelings of love!


Discover the well of high vibe love energy 

Love is the highest frequency you can vibrate in and the highest state of conciousness. In the pure frequency of love there is gratitude, creation, happiness and oneness. Love is all, all is you.

  • Blend Includes~ patchouli, orange, ylang ylang, lavender & mandarin essential oil with witch hazel 

Rose Quartz

Love energy, calming, forgiveness, cools temper, self esteem, self worth

Red Jasper 

Grounding, strength, protection, stamina, stabalize moods 

Lapis Lazuli 

Awareness, releases tension and anxiety, honesty, compassion, self expression 

Clear Quartz 

Power, master healer, high vibe, emotional balance, energising


Protective, calming, cleansing, clarity, promotes confidence, purification 

Black Obsidian 

Psychic protection, truth, draws out stress and tension absorbs negative energy 


Concentration, stabilizing, spirit connection, grounding, balance


Confidence, luck and prosperity, enhances focus, balances emotions 

Tigers Eye 

Enhances will power, protection, courage, practicality, vision and divination 


Alleviates fear, calms and clears the mind, sleep aid.

10ml bottles, 100% natural, for external use only 

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