Eucalyptus Winter Wellness Bundle

Eucalyptus Winter Wellness Bundle

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Breathe easy with this Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Bundle, set for Winter Wellness. 

While eucalyptus essential oil is mainly known for its benefits to the respiratory system, it is also well regarded for its anti-inflammatory, healing and cleansing properties for the skin. Eucalyptus is especially beneficial for use during the colder winter months and boasts a softer, more minty aroma to help clear congestion.

  • 1x Bath Bomb with Eucalyptus Essential Oil 
  • 1x Eco Friendly Soy Candle infused with Eucalyptus Essential oil and over 30hrs burn-time.
  • 1x witch hazel & Eucalyptus Essential Oil Room Spray. 
  • 1x Indian Zeolite 

Zeolites are excellent reiki stones, they will help you with attunement to the energies within the body, and they enhance the healing response.


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