Framed Chakra Crystal Grid

Framed Chakra Crystal Grid

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Metatrons Cube, chakra framed crystal grid 
The cube symbolizes the entire universe, harmony, balance and peace. It also signifies the weaving togeather of masculine (straight lines) and feminine (curved lines) energy.

The chakras are vibrant, coloured energy wheels of spiritual power, located in the subtle body through which our life energy flows.

As a meditation aid and point of focus, the the 7 chakras can allow you to remake yourself, following the creation of new internal universes. By focusing on the seven circles, (chakras) and the journey through each, you fill yourself with the energy represented by the metrons cube, and allow it to replace energy you have spent, leaving you refreshed and feeling like you've begun a new cycle.

 Stones included are:

Amethyst - inspiration and intuition 

Citrine - energy and purpose

Rose Quartz - love and compassion 

Clear Quartz - wisdom and spirituality 

Carnelian - emotions and confidence 

Sodalite - communication and creativity 

Black onyx - grounding and protection 

  • Activation/amplification stones ~Clear Quartz & Selenite 

' I recieve the universes energy to flow through me.'

  • 32cm x 32cm frame 


Made withlove and intention