Hamil Al Musk Charcoal

Hamil Al Musk Charcoal

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 Hamil Al Musk Charcoal is an economical instant light charcoal for burning Bukhur. 

The manufacturer of Hamil-Al recently introduced Al-Hamil Charcoal, one of the more popular quick lighting charcoal brands on the market. These Charcoals are specifically for bukhur, as they are odorless, as well as tasteless and do not interfere with flavour.
Each roll of Hamil-Al Musk Charcoal 33mm contains ten individual charcoals.

  • 100% Premium Quality. Individual Packing
  • Easy to light and long lasting makes more smoke for Hookah
  • Odorless and smoke free
  • 10 Disks per pack 
  • Burning time 25-35 mins per charcoal 

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