Indian Zeolite Bundle
Indian Zeolite Bundle

Indian Zeolite Bundle

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  • 9x Zeolites 
  • Just over 200g

Zeolites are excellent Reiki stones, they will help attune you with the energies around you.

They also carry the Akashic Records, which have your past-life information and everything that has happened and will happen in your life.

also an excellent transmitter of vibrations. They are a powerful vibrational transmitter and an excellent stone for scrying.

These crystals will give you the guidance, especially when you’re not sure how to respond, act, or decide.

They can help you program your mind and support your body in creating your own reality.

They will support you with the mental and emotional maturity to handle relationship issues or personal struggles.

When things just don’t make sense right now, Zeolites will give you the stability, direction, peace, and calm. It will keep you optimistic about your prospects, and it will keep the negativities at bay.

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