Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace

Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace

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The lava stone cage necklace is a beautiful way to carry your perfume or a blend of essential oil..Aromatherapy on the go. Lava stone gives us the strength and courage needed to maintain stability, during times of change. Dispels anger, calms emotions & provides positive changes with behavior issues. Lava stone is a volcanic rock that comes from the earth's core made from pure raw energy which grounds us to the mother earth it is porous there for ideal for aromatherapy.

  • 35cm chain both chain and pendant are silver plated alloy.
  • Comes with a Lava Stone and a vial of love oil blend 

These necklaces are also a great way to carry your favorite gemstones. I have one Amazonite necklace available in the drop down bar!

Like waters deep and ancient, Amazonite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. Its energy is as powerful as the river for which it is named, and as bold as the legendary women warriors with whom it is connected, yet it tempers aggression, tames the irrational, and stills the disquiet. It provides harmony and balance.