Manifest your Dreams
Manifest your Dreams

Manifest your Dreams

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Manifest your dreams with Labradorite, Moonstone, Amethyst and Citrine.

'May all your dreams come true'

Using crystal grids is a special and effective way to manifest your dreams and desires. Mindfulness and Affirmations will help you connect with the best of you and your own manifesting potential. Using crystal grids with focus will support you to break through the fog of self doubt and energetically tap into your own world of abundance. 

Labradorite’s properties are focused on tapping into your well of creativity, connection and higher consciousness. The bounty of colours that shimmer on the surface is a reminder that the greatest healing stones are often the ones connected with all the elements. The earth beneath our feet, the surging water of the ocean, the expansive sky and the stars twinkling above us. Due to its deep roots in magic, labradorite is used specifically for setting and manifesting intentions. It’s one of the most powerful stones for crystal healers, as it puts us in touch with our own inner powers. Labradorite  helps you tap into your own limitless potential, allowing you to manifest without boundaries.

Affirmation ~ 'I believe in my inner magic, and know I can manifest my dreams into reality'.

Moonstone has been highly regarded in Eastern cultures for generations as a symbol of good luck moonstone is thought to balance the emotions, increase fascination, improve focus, and correspond to the cycles of life. Moonstone encourages you to experience the freedom that's found through giving into your wild side and following your passions. Manifest your hearts desire with Moonstone.

Affirmation ~ 'I Am open to the influence of my intuition, I am guided by my higher self'.

Amethyst will purify the aura of negativity and create a protective energy around you. This will enhance your dreams to transform. Amethyst crystal promotes calm, balance, and expanded consciousness. It's great for strengthening intuition which will help you to manifest your desires quickly by pointing you in the direction of your goals.

Affirmation ~ 'I Am protected, i choose healing so I can walk in my truth and be my full, vibrant self'.

Citrine is one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting abundance and prosperity. It is a high vibrational stone. Raising your vibration by elevating your mood and shifting your mindset to a place of optimism, prosperity, and abundance. Citrine is a Solar Plexus chakra stone, it supports your dreams and helps with fulfilling your goals with your natural strengths.

Affirmation ~ 'I am confident in my ability to succeed in all I do, I create the world I want'.

'Clear quartz for clarity and amplification' 

  • 30x30cm framed crystal grid 
  • Custom grids made to order