Merkaba Rebirth Crystal Grid
Merkaba Rebirth Crystal Grid

Merkaba Rebirth Crystal Grid

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New Moon Creation 
transformation, rebirth, newbeginnings, merkabah

  • Merkaba (sometimes spelled Merkabah) refers to the notion of chariot mysticism or the path of ascension towards higher dimensions of the Universe, Cosmos, or Heavens, depending on your personal belief system. It speaks about achieving a higher level of understanding of life, earth, and the world as we know it. In simpler terms, it's the path of personal and spiritual development that allows you to raise your vibration and be your best self.
  • Labradorite representing transformation its shimmering iridescent greens and blues a portal to a higher realm offering the Perseverance and strength to transform your world and bring forth a higher wisdom.

Affirmation "I Am ready for transformation"

  • Moonstone honoring the sacred cycle of life, death and rebirth the mesmerizing crystal for new beginnings encouraging self discovery and positive change. associated with the third eye chakra powerfully enhancing intuition and psychic abilities.

Affirmation "I Am refreshed, rejuvenated and reborn"

  • Amethyst a highly spiritual stone helping to open up the third eye and connect you to your intuition. Supporting you on your journey of transformation and new beginnings by fostering the courage, compassion, and forgiveness for cutting out unhealthy attachments and bad habits.

Affirmation "I Am awake and aware, I let go of attachments"

  • Rose Quartz is known for its ability to induce self love and self acceptance, two of the most important elements of a healthy connection with your inner spirit. Refresh your energy and give way to positive emotions and allow your true self to shine.

Affirmation " I Am a pure and beautiful radiant light"

  • Clear Quartz is a Master Crystal because of its amazing properties. It amplifies positive energies, cleanses negative energies, and transmutes frequencies from the lower end of the spectrum towards the higher one. For amplification.
  • Selenite with its light channeling properties and a known master cleanser will gently cleanse your crystal grid and support its high vibrational energies.

Framed in a 30x30cm glass shadow frame

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