Metatrons Cube, Framed Crystal Grid 

Metatrons Cube, Framed Crystal Grid 

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Metatrons Cube, framed crystal grid 
The cube symbolizes the entire universe, harmony, balance and peace. It also signifies the weaving togeather of masculine (straight lines) and feminine (curved lines) energy.

With a selenite Master stone.
Affirmation "I stand in clear, true light to see the path that attains the highest good of all"

Inner circle: Amethyst and rose Quartz.
Affirmation "I release the past and open my heart to recieve"

Outer Circle Citrine
Affirmation "I joyfully manifest my dreams with optimism and success"

made with intention and love.

Frame 30cm × 30cm 

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Clarity, Peace, Healing, Protection, Removal of blocks, Manifestation, Divine connection.

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