Motivation Candle "Get your shit together"

Motivation Candle "Get your shit together"

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Motivation Candle "Get Your Shit Togeather" Eco Friendly Soy Candle
A collaboration with Living Proof Fitness
Check out Jo's page, She is such a inspiration, nothing but Amazing! 🙏🌟

Certain smells can trigger memories and hunger so why not trigger your senses
To uplift and motivate you to get your shit togeather!
After a chat with living proof fitness
We came up with this uplifting candle.

#supportyourlocal #naturalbooster
#getyourshittogther #stop #collaborate
#and #sniften #withlovecreations
#livingprooffitness #smellsdivine

  • Tall status eco friendly candle 
  • over 100hours burntime
  • hand poured withlove 

All candles can be custom/personalized on request including photos, pictures, quotes, themes, text... Free Quotes available.


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