New Beginnings Smudge Sticks

New Beginnings Smudge Sticks

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New Beginnings Organic Smudge Stick ~ with White Sage, Bay leaves, Dandelion, Limonium, Lavender Rose and Cinnamon.

Each herb adding there own Magickal properties to these smudge sticks and your new Beginnings! Bound with intention & love.

  • White Sage ~ Clearing your Aura & space of any lower vibrational energies. Supporting Purification, Wisdom & Good Luck. 
  • Bay Leaves ~ Shifting stagnant energies that keep you stuck. Supporting Protection, Healing, Love & Success. 
  • Rose ~ Accepting Your True Self, Giving & Recieving Love. Supporting Self-Love, Grace , Heart Chakra, Gratitude & Joy. 
  • Lavender ~ Drawing in your Dreams & Hopes. Supporting Peace, Harmony,  & Sleep Space. 
  • Dandelion ~ Aligning your True Purpose Through your Solar Plexus. Supporting Divination, Purpose, Growth & Transformation. 
  • Limonium ~ Healing Past Hurts & Unlocking the Subconscious. Supporting Memory, Phychic Abilities, Success & DreamWork.
  • Cinnamon ~ Raising Spiritual Vibrations & bring focus during Divination. Supporting Happiness, Personal Empowerment, Inspiration & Luck. 
  • Amethyst ~ Opening Your Crown Chakra, Connection & Amplification. 

   16- 20cm 

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