Pineapple Lumps Soy Melts, Tea Lights & Candles

Pineapple Lumps Soy Melts, Tea Lights & Candles

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This high quality pineapple lumps fragrance is blended with a creamy 100% natural soy wax hand Poured withlove.

  • Candles

Presented in a metro jar with over 30hrs burn-time or a tall status jar with over 100hrs burntime. 

  • Soy Melts

Clam melts can be used in a candle/electric burner 1x clam cube has up to 10hrs fragrance throw. Six per pack.

  • Tea Lights 

Pack of 6 tea-light cups, each cup has up to 9hrs burntime, total of 54hrs burn time per  pack.

  •  Pineapple lumpsYou can't get anymore Kiwi than this iconic natural fragrance. True love is the only way to describe the smell of this chocolate coated Pineapple lump scentsation!

All candles can be custom/personalized on request including photos, pictures, quotes, themes, text... Free Quotes available.


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