Seed Of Life Framed Crystal Grid

Seed Of Life Framed Crystal Grid

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'I choose the energy of prosperity to drench itself upon  every area of my life with ease now'

Seed of life prosperity grid with a green aventurine master stone signifying luck, wealth and prosperity.

  • Affirmation- 'I welcome abundance into my life by consciously creating space for thoughts of prosperity.'

Inner circle-

Amethyst: resonating with the crown chakra clearing negative energy and bringing stability, intuition and protection.

  • Affirmation- 'I connect to the highest power. Intuition brings the answers I need to create the life I desire.'

Outer circles

Citrine- for manifesting dreams and ambition into the physical realm. Resonating with the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras and signifying creativity, manifestation and personal will.

  •  Affirmation- 'I harness my creativity and strength of will to manifestly dreams.'

Clear Quartz for amplification and clarity.
' I recieve the universes energy to flow through me.'

25x20cm framed crystal grid 

Created withlove and intention ♡