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Satya Incense
Satya Incense
Satya Incense
Satya Incense
Satya Incense
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Satya Incense

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Opium-This historically important trade ingredient receives a medicinal avatar in trace quantities based on our recipe blends.

Mood/Inspiration:  Wanderlust.

Description/Key Notes: Elevating, Euphoric, Exotic

Use: The Opium flora incense aids in elevating mood and opening up the creative reservoirs within.

White Sage -  The protective aura of white sage provides safe sanctuary with this special blend.

Mood/Inspiration: Sheltering under a tree during a passing shower.
Description/Key NotesWoody, Sacred, Devotional
Use: The White Sage flora incense helps release and cleanse energy from your space and provides protection.

Sandalwood - The distinctive aroma of Sandalwood has been treasured across cultures for its sanctity.

Mood/Inspiration: The peaceful environment at a monastery.
Description/Key Notes: Sacred, Sublime, Woody.
Use:The healing aroma of Sandalwood flora incense can be used to promote feelings of serenity and to ease irritability and aggression. This incense also acts as an aid to meditation and deep relaxation.

Patchouli - This beloved of perfumes is brought to you in a new singular blend replete with its signature heady rush.

Mood/Inspiration:Digging through grandmother’s almirah.
Description/Key Notes: Heady, Spicy, Intoxicating
Use: The Patchouli flora incense works as an excellent insect repellant and laundry freshener, as well as an ambient for parties.

Frankincense - This ancient fragrance will help you to accomplish most magical aims.

Mood/Inspiration:Relaxing and Soothing
Description/Key Notes:Woody, earthy and also has a slightly fruity/sweet, warm, spicy attitude to it.
Use:Setting sacred space, consecrating tools, offerings to ancestors and deities—Frankincense does all that stuff before lunch. Purification, power, and riches, too, are attributes of Frankincense. Promoting feelings of peace and relaxation.

Nag Champa-  This blend is the first secret recipe formulated by the founding family and has stood the test of time as most loved flora incense across the globe.

Mood/Inspiration: The tranquillity and adventure of a mist laden morning.
Description/Key Notes:
Harmonizing, Potent
Use:The Nag Champa blend can be used to sanctify or purify a space and is a good aid to meditation or deep relaxation.

Dragon Blood- The Dragon’s Blood flora incense features a star ingredient from the family treasure trove.

The steadfast hold of the northern star.
Description/Key Notes:
Potent, Earthy, Harmonizing
Use: The Dragon’s Blood incense helps protect and strengthen your aura from external negativity and psychic attacks thus energizing your psychic and spiritual core.
  •  15gm Box
  • Satya Shrinivas have been making hand rolled incense using natural ingredients since 1964 and continue to use the same methods and ingredients today. 

    Satya Sai Baba means "Father (of) Divine Truth"

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