Seed Of Life Crystal Grid
Seed Of Life Crystal Grid
Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

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The seed of life, the universal symbol of creation symbolizing beginnings and regeneration. The seed is the starting point for life, and yet holds all the information for life to blossom. So while it represents beginnings, it is also indicative of the growth, transformation and expansion that will take place, eventually reaching completion.

Master Stone ~ Amazonite the lucky, hope stone bringing you luck for all your hopes and dreams. While calming and soothing especially in times of stress.

Affirmation 'I can achieve anything I set my mind to'

Inner Circle ~ Amazonite & Fluorite enhancing memory and concentration while bringing in inner peace and emotional stability. Balancing your thoughts and eliminating mental confusion.

Outer Circle ~ Citrine & Rose Quartz high vibe citrine offering happiness, luck and warmth while rose quartz surrounds you with unconditional love 

Activation/amplification stone ~Clear Quartz

' I recieve the universes energy to flow through me.'