Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

Seed Of Life Crystal Grid

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The seed of life, the universal symbol of creation symbolizing beginnings and regeneration. The seed is the starting point for life, and yet holds all the information for life to blossom. So while it represents beginnings, it is also indicative of the growth, transformation and expansion that will take place, eventually reaching completion. 

Master Stone ~ Zeolite, clears out negative energy and thought patterns bringing in more positivity. Zeolite is a perfect centre point for any meditation and spiritual work, it soothes, calming the emotions and relieving anxiety. Focusing on clearing energetic pathways, setting healthy boundaries and releasing toxic energy that may be in your life. A protective shield to form around the home & aura that will help deflect negative energy away.

Affirmation 'I release all negative thoughts and emotions, I embrace peace and positivity'

Harnessing the energy of Amethyst & Sodalite creating a powerful approach to emotional healing and personal growth. Each crystal possesses there own unique properties that, when used together, create a harmonious synergy to support emotional well-being, balance and growth. This combination can help you navigate your own emotional landscape with greater ease, understanding, and clarity. Together, they can assist in releasing emotional blockages, promoting self-awareness, and enhancing communication.

Affirmation 'I Am aligned with my inner truth, I believe in my inner magic' 

Activation/amplification stones ~Clear Quartz & Selenite 

These high vibration stones are effective for clearing and charging your crystal grid & energy. They also activate the crown chakra to allow greater spiritual enlightenment. Unwanted energies will always stay away and will be replaced with light and energy.

' I recieve the universes energy to flow through me.'

  • 30x30cm framed shadow box 


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