Seed Of Life Framed Crystal Grid

Seed Of Life Framed Crystal Grid

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Seed of life crystal grid framed in a 30x30cm frame (can be hung on the wall or stood)

The seed of life, the universal symbol of creation symbolizing beginnings and regeneration. 

Such a joyous energy.. celebration 
new seeds and fresh energy flowing..This grid has shown me revitalized energy, new beginnings and times of joy and Celebration.

Master stone - orange Calcite, Just like the sun it has the power to energize and restore getting the positive energy flowing. A beautiful ray of light.

Affirmation- ' I am motivated and ready, I embrace the fun times'

Inner Circle - Carnelian, for vitality a bold energy bringing a rush of warmth and joy. 

Affirmation- 'Joy flows easily into my life' 

Middle Circle - Citrine & Red Jasper Symbolizing new beginnings, faith happiness and success 

Affirmation- 'I embrace my courage, confidence, self worth, success and celebrate my life' 

Outer Circle- Clear Quartz For amplification and clarity 

Affirmation- 'I receive the universes energy to flow through me'

Made with love and intention 

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