Sterling Silver Crystal Necklaces

Sterling Silver Crystal Necklaces

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  • Citrine

Citrine a premier stone of manifestation, imagination and personal will. Carrying the power of the sun Citrine is warm, comforting, energizing and life giving.

Clarity, enthusiasm, warmth, enlightenment, optimism, happiness.

  • Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is a high vibe crystal, it is known as a very powerful master healing stone and is the most versatile of all Crystal's. ☆☆Clear quartz is a blank slate, with focused concentration, you can program quartz to help you accomplish any goal.

Harmony, energy, healing, psychic abilities, clarity, calmness

  • Selenite

Selenite bound to take you on a inward journey of growth, healing, clarity and enligtenment. Selenite is actually one of the few crystals believed to be able to cleanse other crystals and is named after the ancient Greek moon goddess Selene, thus associating it with lunar cycles and the divine feminine.

 Cleansing, tranquility, protection, high vibration, clarity, phychic development.

  • Italian 25 sterling silver necklace
  • Jewellery gift box with crystal meanings

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