Welcome To The World Of Chakras Gift Set

Welcome To The World Of Chakras Gift Set

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A gift set created to take you on a journey of chakras! 

The chakras are vibrant, coloured energy wheels of spiritual power, located in the subtle body through which our life energy flows.

This gift set includes-

  • 1x Magical eco friendly soy chakra candle hand poured withlove and 30hrs burn-time.
  • 1x chakra wisdom oracle cards
  • 1x chakra crystal stone set including Amethyst, rose quartz, clear quartz, sodalite, citrine, carnelian, black onyx and gift card. 

 Take some time out to balance your chakras with a candlelight meditation! This eco friendly soy candle is hand Poured withlove and intention presented in a metro jar with  30hrs burn-time. Each layer has it's own fragrance that aligns with that particular chakra, Blending into a beautiful fragrance.

 These one-of-a-kind Chakra Reading Cards bring a world of guidance and clarity to your life. The deck includes 49 unique cards incorporating the seven main Chakra systems they offer a deeper connection and expanded awareness of each situation in your life.

The deck is also very easy to use and shares an abundance of guidance and support for you in everyday life each beautifully illustrated card and the work book download for using the deck for divination and life guidance.
 The Chakras are an ancient wisdom that explains the body's energy field. When Chakras are aligned and in balance, purest wellbeing is experienced. By working closely with these cards you will experience a deep sense of self- awareness, empowerment and healing.

  • 49 card deck with a downloadable guidebook 

 Each set comes with 7 stones, each representing the 7 main chakras. These powerful chakra stones are charged and ready to activate, balance and cleanse your chakras!

 Stones included are:

Amethyst - inspiration and intuition 

Citrine - energy and purpose

Rose Quartz - love and compassion 

Clear Quartz - wisdom and spirituality 

Carnelian - emotions and confidence 

Sodalite - communication and creativity 

Black onyx - grounding and protection 

Each stone ranges approximately in length from 30-40mm.


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