Winter Solstice Soy Candles

Winter Solstice Soy Candles

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Available over the month of June only. Winter solstice 2021 in Southern Hemisphere will be at 3:31 pm on
Monday 21 June

Winter solstice blessings,  Celebrating the return of the light love, joy & peace. 

Winter Solstice, Yule Celebration candles, handcrafted Withlove using eco friendly soy wax and beautifully finished with vanilla, fragrant dried orange and cinnamon.

  • Orange and vanilla Fragrance 
  • Metro Jar with over 30hrs burn-time 
  • Tall status jar with over 100hrs burn-time

“Most often, winter solstice celebrations honored the symbolism of fire and light, along with life, death, the rising sun, and the moon.


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