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Thieves blend with witch hazel

Utilizing the power and protection of thieves blend.  A natural ancient blend to help eliminate air born bacteria Thieves is known for its anti bacterial, antiseptic and anti viral properties. This spray is also great to use around the home and on the go keeping your hands and surfaces sanitized and to cleanse and purify the air. It has a beautiful earthy spicy aroma. Also helps boost the immune system.

  • Blend includes: Rosemary, Eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon and lemon pure essential oils with witch hazel extract.


Palo santo & white sage with witch hazel

Palo santo and white sage together is a beautiful mystical combination both have powerful cleansing properties. There are so many wonderful benefits.. 

  • Shifts negative energy - Environment, around you, within your mind body and spirit. 
  • Cleanses objects and crystals
  • Uplifting mood and energy 
  • Reducing stress, and anxiety
  • Cleanses your space and aura 

The Palo Santo & White Sage spray is perfect to use on the go when you want to cleanse but it maybe not the right time or place to bring out the smudging kit.. in the 100ml bottle it is the perfect size to keep in your handbag and use when needed.. The perfect blend of the two essential oils with witchhazel making it the perfect aura spritz. 


Discover the well of high vibe love energy 

Love is a blend designed to create feelings of love, discover the well of high vibe love energy!

Love is the highest frequency you can vibrate in and the highest state of conciousness. In the pure frequency of love there is gratitude, creation, happiness and oneness. Love is all, all is you.

A Perfect spritz to use while practicing your 'I Am'  Affirmations or whenever you feel you need to draw in some high vibe love energy.

  • Blend Includes~ patchouli, orange, ylang ylang, lavender & mandarin essential oil with witch hazel 


Ease the mind and relax 

 Lavender has always been known for its calming and relaxing qualities, while chamomile is a known soother. Mixing these two essential oils into one blend gives you the benefits of both plants calming & soothing properties, perfect for relieving stress and helping you feel at peace. Great to use as a pillow mist to help you relax into sleep.

  • Uses- Pillow Mist, Natural Fragrance, Room Spray,  Cleansing Spray.
  • Blend includes~ Premium Alpine French  Lavender & German Chamomile Pure Essential Oil And Witch Hazel 

All sprays:-

  • 100ml spritz glass bottle
  • For External Use Only 

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